Maundy Thursday, Lent 1991

JOHN 13: 1-15

I've thought and prayed about this scripture from the Bible, discovering that it is easier for me to emotionally involve in the supper than it is for me to describe it. I've experienced great passion crying over the tremendous love it reflects. I've had difficulty finding the words to write about it.

The events surrounding the Passover supper share a living example in the simplest form of love, humility, and devotion. Jesus knew this was his last night on Earth. He dearly loved his disciples and this final time with them was precious. It mattered not that one of them would betray him or that each had their own sometimes displeasing traits. What did matter was time with friends spending their last few hours together - a gentle sharing of thoughts, questions and answers, compassion, love.

On John Denver's album, "Seasons of the Heart", one particular song reflects what I believe Jesus was doing that night. The song title is "Heart to Heart". The chorus says:

Your heart to mine, my heart to yours

Talk about opening windows, talk about opening doors,

My heart to yours, your heart to mine

Love is a light that shines from heart to heart.

Jesus gave that precious gift that night as one by one he washed the feet of the disciples. He was also setting an example for us to follow in our daily lives: To look for the good in everyone and everything, to let God's light shine through us and to share that love with all around us, to truly experience God's wonderful gift.

A Prayer

Heavenly Father, please hear my heartfelt prayer.

Whatever good that I may do and love that I might give in this life,

Let me do it now without hesitation,

for I shall not pass this way again.