Leading Through Authentic Self-Expression

There is a story about a priest, who was confronted by a soldier while he was walking down a road in pre-revolutionary Russia. The soldier, aiming his rifle at the priest, commanded, "Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you going there?" Unfazed, the priest calmly replied, "How much do they pay you?" Somewhat surprised, the soldier responded, "Twenty-five kopecks a month." The priest paused, and in a deeply thoughtful manner said, "I have a proposal for you. I'll pay you fifty kopecks each month if you stop me here every day and challenge me to respond to those same three questions."

What a gift if each of us had a "soldier" confronting us with life's tough questions and pushing us to examine and to develop ourselves more thoroughly.

LST Diploma

Personal Statement Of Value

I Value My Walk with God
My Family and Friends
The Sanctity of Life
Joyful Acceptance