If I could grow a Friendship tree
For everyone to see
I'd plant it where the world walked by
So they'd share it with me.

I'd shape it oh so gracefully
They all would stop and stare
At all the lovely friends of mine
That they'd see blooming there.

Each friend a different flower would be
In color, shape and form
'Cause there are no two friends alike
There's no such thing as "Norm".

There'd be big strong and sturdy ones
With petals opened wide
To show the strength and thoughtfulness
That they hold deep inside.

And then there'd be the fragile ones
Of such a pastel shade
To show their tender, gentle love
And trust from which they're made.

And here and there on tips of twigs
Delicate dainty buds
To represent the little ones
That I think so much of.

I'd want it near a window
Where I could look and see
The faces of each dear one
Smiling back at me.

And I would form it of such stuff
That it bloomed all year long
For Friendship isn't seasonal
It's like a lovely song,

That floats thru all your reveries
All your whole life thru
In one continuous melody
Bringing joy to you.

The leaves upon my lovely tree
Would be the memories
That each dear friend has given me
Oh, so many leaves there'd be.

I'd know the way to make it grow
And always sturdy be
It's just to be the kind of friend
That they have been to me.

I'd cultivate it carefully
And water it with tears
And it would bloom for all my time
To brighten all my years.

A "Flossie" Original
February 12, 1973