Today I'll be still and know
Today I'm being a heartbeacon
Today I'm building a bridge of love
Today I'm shining in the light of God's glory
Today I'm celebrating Jesus!
Today I'm singing songs of praise, joy and thanksgiving
Today I'm leaving heartprints in the sands of time
Today I'm eagerly waiting for God's plan with all the delight, wonder and excitement of a little child


We're here today to celebrate Carole… a child of God, a wife, a mother and a GREAT nana!

Carole loved life and living in the moment. She believed in TRUTH and making the best of every given situation… even when she found "poop" on the rug!

She was enthusiastic about her walk with God… living daily in faith and praise for her multitude of blessings… her knees were callused from kneeling so much!

She was a heart beacon to those who knew her… shining in the light of God's glory; in fact, sometimes she shined so brightly that sunglasses were needed!

She loved the "wonder" of it all and the fun of "discovery." She eagerly approached God's plan for the day with the delight and excitement of a little child… beginning each new morning singing, "Good Morning God… this is your day… I am your child… show me your way… "

She loved animals, rainbows, flowers, "touch" and dancing. She loved children and possibility; people and dreams. She loved her husband deeply and she realized the valuable gift of unconditional love that he gave her… and… she knew that this was sometimes QUITE challenging! She also knew that he was always up for a good challenge!

She honored her ancestry, and played a lot with her inheritance of "attitude!"

She enjoyed adventure, and she traveled to many foreign lands, believing home was where her heart was. She loved the beach, flying kites and building sandcastles. She left "heartprints" as well as footprints wherever she went.

Her most precious memories were moments shared with God and family. She embraced the idea of reaching the "golden gates" and hearing, "Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!" Can't you just see her now… with a big smile… and saying YESSSSS!! So with great joy and celebration we now lift her up to God… knowing that someday we'll be with her again… in heaven… and that's definitely something to celebrate!

Celebrate Good Times… Come On… It's time to Celebrate!

Inside Passage ~ October 8, 2000